Your Customized 401(k) Investment Fiduciary Solution

Outsource the liability for your Plan’s Investment Menu

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Your Customized 401(k) Investment Fiduciary Solution

Outsource the liability for your Plan’s Investment Menu

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Grow Your Assets With Financial Experts

NorthStar Fiduciary Partners, LLC offers fiduciary services to qualified retirement plans, that includes 401(k) and defined benefit plans, and financial advisors nationwide.

Trusted Investment Fiduciaries

Selecting and Monitoring plan investments is a fiduciary function that exposes plan sponsors to significant liability. The DOL states that “unless fiduciaries possess the necessary expertise to manage investments, they would need to obtain advice of qualified, independent experts.” U.S. Department of Labor Regulations § 2509.95-(C)(6).

According to ERISA Section 3, however, a registered investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940 may accept sole discretionary authority in writing for managing plan investments. For many plan sponsors, designating an ERISA § 3(38) investment manager to manage retirement plan investments is the one way to transfer virtually all of the liability for investment-related decisions.

Our Services

  • Provide and maintain an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) (or review and update your current IPS)
  • Review your current menu for prudence and compliance with the IPS, industry best practices and Trust law
  • Select, monitor, benchmark, replace investments, including the qualified default investment alternative (QDIA)
  • Provide quarterly monitoring reports
  • Provide documentation for continued inclusion or replacement of watch list funds
  • Maintain adequate insurance coverage
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Personalized Service

We value the trust given to us by our clients. Our mission is to provide excellent, independent high-end service through:

  • Ease of accessibility – we are available to address any questions or concerns you or your participants may have and will speak with your retirement plan committee as requested
  • Tailored menu of options – We do not take a “one size fits all” approach when creating a menu for your plan. Our menus can be customized to fit your demographics, line of business and number of options, etc.
  • Thorough documentation for all our decisions for your fiduciary files

Work With a Fiduciary That Acts in Your Best Interest

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